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29 Emerge Women on the Ballot this Tuesday!

There are 29 Emerge alumnae on the ballot Tuesday, many of them in tough, tight races. They have used our training and network, and have built upon it from the lessons one inevitably learns on the campaign trail. They are running strong campaigns and—win or lose—each one of them will be an Emerge success story. Anytime a woman puts her name on the ballot, she puts herself on the front lines of our movement and helps push our democracy forward.  We are so proud of all of our candidates!!


Roxanne Lara:  US House of Representatives, District 2, ENM ‘07


Debra Haaland:  Lieutenant Governor, ENM ‘07


Judge Sylvia LaMar:  1st Judicial District, ENM ‘13

Nancy Franchini:  2nd Judicial District, ENM, ‘14

Marie Ward:  2nd Judicial District, Children’s Court, ENM ‘06

Judge Rosemary Cosgrove Aguilar:  Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ‘08

Courtney Weaks:  Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ‘13


Judge Christina Argyres:  2nd Judicial District, Div 10, Bernalillo County, ENM ‘06

Judge Shannon Bacon:  2nd Judicial District, Div 2, ENM Founding Board Member

Judge Beatrice Brickhouse:  2nd Judicial District, Div 4, ENM '10

Judge Willow Parks:  Probate Court, Bernalillo County, ENM '10


Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero:  House District 13, Albuquerque, ENM ’07 (re-election)

Rep. Emily Kane:  House District 15, Albuquerque, ENM ’12  (re-election)

Rep. Georgene Louis:  House District 26, Albuquerque, ENM ’10 (re-election)

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard:  House District 43, Los Alamos, ENM ’08 (re-election)

Rep. Elizabeth Thomson:  House District 24, Albuquerque, ENM ’09 (re-election)

Teresa Smith de Cherif:  House District 7, Los Lunas, ENM ‘14

Deborah Armstrong:  House District 17, Albuquerque, ENM ‘10

Catherine Begaye:  House District 23, Albuquerque, ENM ‘14

Joanne Ferrary:  House District 37, Las Cruces, ENM ‘13

Linda Sanchez Allison:  House District 60, Rio Rancho, ENM ‘11

Doreen W. Johnson:  House District 5, Gallup, ENM ‘14

Mariaelena Johnson:  House District  53, Chaparral, ENM ‘14


Jennifer Burrill:  District Attorney, 9th Judicial District, ENM ‘13


Assessor Tanya Giddings:  Bernalillo County Assessor, ENM ‘14

Elizabeth Bardwell:  Dona Ana County Commission, ENM ‘13

Eloise Gift:  ABQ Metro Arroyo & Flood Control Authority, ENM ‘11

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